Training programme for educators in Ghana, 2006-2007

This project is generously sponsored by the ACCENTUS Charitable Foundation, Zurich, and includes a similar on-going project in Cameroon. There are a number of steps as follows:

Exploratory visit, March 2006

Objectives of exploratory visit

Presentations/introductory workshops were organised in Accra and in a number of schools in Tema. A local coordinating committee came together.

Report, Exploratory visit to Ghana, March 2006 (PDF)

LVE Educator workshops, June, August, 2006

Objectives of the workshop

Three 4-day workshops on values-based education were held in June and in August:
1. for school teachers,
2. for early childhood educators,
3. for street children and their educators.

Workshop for teachers, LVE pilot schools, Tema

Report, LVE Pilot schools Ghana, June 2006 (PDF)

Workshop for early childhood educators, Tema

Slideshow (PDF)

Report, LVE Workshop, early childhood educators, Ghana, August 2006 (PDF)

Workshop for street children and their educators, Teshie-Nungwa

Report , workshop, street children and their educators, Ghana, August 2006 (PDF)

Slideshow (PDF)

LVE Train-the-Trainer workshops, November 2006

Objectives of the workshop

A two-day intensive train-the-trainer workshop in values-based education took place for potential trainers selected from educators who had participated in the workshops in June and August. To gain practical experience in the field of early childhood education, the new trainers co-trained with experienced LV trainers in a 3-day workshop for students of Early Childhood Development at the University of Education, Winneba, and at a one-day seminar for teachers at the National Nursery Teachers Training Centre for Early Childhood Educators.
The new trainers who work with street children put their new skills into practice at half-day workshops at a variety of centres for street children.

LVE Train-the-trainer workshop, Tema

Report, LVE Train-the-trainer workshop, Tema, Ghana, November 2006 (PDF)

LVE educator workshop for students of Early Childhood Development, University of Education, Winneba

Report, LVE workshop, University of Education, Winneba, Ghana, November (PDF)

LVE workshops with street children

Report, LVE workshops with street children, Ghana, November 2006 (PDF)

Follow-up support and capacity-building, March 2007

The aim of this follow-up visit was to empower and strengthen the skills and capacities of the local team of trainers, by giving them the opportunity to co-train alongside an experienced LVE trainer at a number of workshops for educators; and to assist and guide the committee in creating a national association for Living Values.

Report, capacity-building visit to Ghana, March 2007 (PDF)

The implementation of Living Values Education is coordinated by the Association for Living Values Education International (ALIVE International), a non-profit-making association of values educators around the world. Drawing on a strong volunteer base, Living Values Education is supported by UNESCO and a host of other organisations, agencies, governmental bodies, foundations, community groups and individuals. It is part of the global movement for a culture of peace in the framework of the United Nations International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World. ALIVE International federates national Living Values Education bodies and is an independent organisation that does not have any particular or exclusive religious, political or national affiliation or interest.