Training programme for educators in Cameroon

This project is generously sponsored by the ACCENTUS Charitable Foundation, Zurich, and includes a similar on-going project in Ghana. There are a number of steps as follows:.

Brief Report on the participation of Living Values Cameroon at the Annual Review Meeting on Basic Education organised by UNICEF, Kribi, South Province, Cameroon, 19 – 21 November 2007 (PDF)

1. Exploratory visit to Cameroon, 6 – 11 February, 2007

The objectives of this exploratory visit were :

• to meet with key people in the community to exchange views and experiences regarding values-based education, with particular reference to the culture and traditions of Cameroon.
• to identify local partners, and create a local organizing committee with which to liaise in the planning and implementation of future training workshops
• to acquire greater awareness of local circumstances so as to be able to ensure compatibility with current needs and contexts, and to adapt educational activities and materials accordingly

Presentations were given in Buea, Yaoundé and Douala.  In all three towns a local committee was created and a focal person appointed. Subsequent meetings were planned in order to organise training workshops for educators in April 2007. .

Buea, 7 February 2007 (PDF - English)

Yaoundé, 13 February 2007 (PDF - French)

Douala, 9 February (PDF - French)

2. LVE Educator workshops, 3 – 14 April, 2007

Objectives of the workshops

The training provides educators with methods and skills to create values-based learning environments in which children feel respected, valued, understood, loved and safe. It also aims to help teachers develop increased awareness of their own values, and to encourage them to “live our values” – as role models, It also introduces them to Living Values Education Programme (LVEP) resource materials that support classroom educators in ensuring that values play a central role in all areas of the curriculum, in school-life and in the overall development of young learners. Values-based education not only contributes to the content of the school curriculum, but it also applies to all subjects and throughout school-life
A series of three 4-day workshops on values-based education were held in Douala, Yaoundé and Buea, organised in collaboration with local coordinating committees

Yaounde, 9 – 11 April - Slide show (PDF)

Atelier de partage et de formation - Yaoundé, avril 2007 (PDF - French)

Douala, 3 – 5 April - Slide show (PDF)

Atelier de formation et de partage - Douala, avril 2007 (PDF - French)

Buea, 13 – 15 April - Diaporama/Slide show (PDF)

Report, LVE Educator workshop Buea, April 2007 (PDF - English)

3. LVE Train the Trainer workshops, August - September, 2007

Including workshops for street children and young prisoners

Two Train-the-Trainer workshops in Yaoundé – one in English and one in French – and a workshop for children in difficult situations and their carers, in Douala, in French.
The pattern for each session was as follows:

1) a two-day intensive TTT (Train-the-Trainer) workshop for up to 20 trainees,
followed by:
2) a three-day TTE (Train-the-Educator) workshop for up to 40 new participants,
where the new TTT trainees co-trained alongside experienced international LVE

Objectives of the workshops

1. Empower educators to become effective, confident trainers, able to impart a
values-based approach to education to other educators in the future.
2. Involve the local coordinating committee in implementing the training and
encourage future engagement.
3. Build on educators’ experience, and share ideas and best practices with other
4. Deepen knowledge and understanding of the experiential methodology of LVE.
5. Become familiar with LVE materials.
6. Explore personal, social and cultural values through reflection and
7. Research the qualities, attitudes and best practices needed to create a
values-based learning environment in the classroom, workplace, and in the
8. Improve teaching and facilitation skills through practical experience of
conducting training sessions.
9. Create action plans for implementing and developing Living Values programmes
in various settings in Cameroon.

Train the Trainer workshops full report , August - September 2007 (PDF)

Enquiries can be made to:

The implementation of Living Values Education is coordinated by the Association for Living Values Education International (ALIVE International), a non-profit-making association of values educators around the world. Drawing on a strong volunteer base, Living Values Education is supported by UNESCO and a host of other organisations, agencies, governmental bodies, foundations, community groups and individuals. It is part of the global movement for a culture of peace in the framework of the United Nations International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World. ALIVE International federates national Living Values Education bodies and is an independent organisation that does not have any particular or exclusive religious, political or national affiliation or interest.